Open in 1950, from the teacher goldsmith Florentine Franco Massai and happened on the sans, it “firm Massai goldsmiths in Florence” can brag beyond 50 years of experience in the Florentine goldsmith craftsman field. So with the ancient technologies of a time, the brothers Massai continue to produce sole pieces, exclusively done to hand, of media and high jewelry shop.


Our Jewellery Workshop is situated in the historic centre of Florence, on the top floor of a sixteenth-century tower house. Here, for over two hundred years, experienced goldsmiths have been commissioned, by the jewellery shops on the “Ponte Vecchio”, to create unique, handmade pieces of jewellery using ancient engraving and fretwork techniques that were handed down from the ancient Florentine goldsmith tradition. Visit the “Massai” workshop to view our extensive selection of jewellery and gain an insight into how a piece of jewellery is made.