Goldsmiths in Tuscany


A Natural Approach

Bracelet - 000002

This collection is the result of our determination to transform even the simplest natural material into a precious piece of jewellery by respecting its shapes and patterns and by adding precious stones and gold in different colours.

Special Occasions

Bracelet - 000007

The aim of this collection is to make certain important moments in our lives unforgettable. The pieces of jewellery featured in the collection are made from white gold and diamonds and are characterized by a traditional and elegant design.

The Florentine Style

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The Florentine goldsmith tradition is renowned and appreciated worldwide. It first became popular in the sixteenth century, in the hands of Benvenuto Cellini. Refined fretwork (perforation) and engraving are the distinguishing features of “Florentine Style” jewellery.

Massai Collection

Massai Collection

Our 60-year legacy of jewellery making has allowed us to create an extensive collection of sophisticated, totally handmade and bespoke design jewellery.